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To Our Valued Customers & Potential New Clients:

We are DISH SATELLITE TV in Sedona, AZ, one of 3000+ dealers authorized to sell, install, repair and maintain DISH equipment and systems. We're the DISH dealer living and working in Sedona. We appreciate the valued customers who built a town where we can have so much fun doing what we do.

We want to clear up some of the confusion in our industry and show you why our reputation is so important to us. Other dealers sell DISH service in the Verde Valley. Some are reputable and sell honorably, but many do not. With DISH NETWORK, we're working to educate consumers and gain their trust. We live in Sedona, so our customers are our friends, neighbors, and business associates. The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of Satellite TV will show you why choosing DISH NETWORK is the right choice for you. Click HERE for a comparison chart.

Switch to DISH

Satellite providers send best quality all-digital pictures to about 30 million customers in the U.S. Two large companies, DISH NETWORK and DirecTV, competing with each other, serve 98% of all satellite customers. Some dealers work with both providers but most do not. What's important is that according to FCC rules, every satellite provider must charge the same programming prices to all customers nationwide. Satellite TV competes with cable companies who sell without competition in the cities they serve. Local taxes and fees are added, and rates can vary town by town. In the battle between the two industries, satellite TV continues to gain market share because it typically comes in at a lower price. Additionally, cable companies are slower to upgrade old systems and offer high definition and DVR services, particularly in smaller towns.

In a down economy, we know that everyone is diligently looking for the best combination of quality, price, and customer service. Our best advice to friends and customers: If your current TV provider is taking care of you and providing you great value, stay with them. They deserve your business just as we do when we treat folks right.

Enjoy DISH

Large direct mail and telephone operations from Florida, the Midwest, and overseas are targeting Verde Valley households. Our neighbors are harassed by sales people whose only purpose is to sell another satellite system by whatever means they can. If they identify a DirecTV client, they try to sell them DISH NETWORK, and DISH customers are pressured to switch to DirecTV. Another dishonest sales tactic is not answering direct questions, such as "What city are you calling from? or Who employs you?" Some even violate the Federal Do Not Call statute. In turn, we get angry calls from locals who think we're the ones making these solicitations. Here's what we tell them: Start by finding a local authorized dealer with a local phone number and a local address. Once you've called the number, ASK QUESTIONS. We recently identified 22 "local" DISH providers in the Yellow Pages; 14 of these "local" and 800 phone numbers transferred out of the Verde Valley to places such as Anthem, Mesa, Phoenix, Colorado, Utah, and Virginia.

Competition among satellite dealers isn't always as honest as it should be. We compete by walking our customers through the available packages and promotions; we never over-sell with services a client doesn't want or need. We send our own certified local installers to your home for a professional, trouble-free installation. DISH NETWORK pays us to keep our customers up and running - under warranty - usually in 1 business day. Hiring a dealer from Phoenix can take 2-3 days to dispatch an installer or service technician to the Verde Valley. Because we're local, we can provide quicker service if any problems or questions arise.

Ever notice homes in your neighborhood with satellite dishes drilled into a roof or wire run every which way - including loose? Some online sites sell hardware for do-it-yourselfers to install. These ugly installations fail, cause roof damage, and angry customers put out big money needlessly. DISH SATELLITE TV was in business before the satellite TV industry started, and penetrating a roof is forbidden here. "Free installation" does not mean freedom to compromise a customer's home! Many locals pay us to fix work done by others when all it would have taken was $3 to $5 in parts and a little extra time. That's just plain dumb, and yet we still see it every day!

Thank You

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